Closing in on Clojure
Feb 23rd, 2010 by miki

Just bumped into the LISP dialect Clojure. In short, its a Java enclosed runtime interpreted functional programming language/environment which seems to have some rather interresting features. Its  easy and acessibly, in fact 2 mins. after reading about it, I was throwing UI dialogs all over my screen.  There’s even a danish user group (dcug).

Of couse its open source/free software (EPL 1.0 licensed) and  development is community driven, or I wouldn’t mention it by many words.

Will be interesting to learn more about this, and see if it kicks in. Kind of reminds me about Carl Sassenrath’s little known environment REBOL, even though REBOL is a little more ‘itself’, where Closure draws on the large LISP heritage.

New homepage
Feb 3rd, 2010 by miki

Velcome to Mikini Services.

We do stuff! Like foobar, null pointer dereferences, DND and N/A. Oh, and also fluffy, squeaky things!

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